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Buyer's Agent Services

Looking to buy? Let me be your guide!

Buying a home in the Bay Area can be both exhilarating and nerve-racking. I understand the real estate market in the Bay Area, and am in the best position to help you navigate what can seem like an overwhelming number of options and considerations when buying a home.

Seller's Agent Services

Looking to sell? Let me become your partner and trusted advisor on timing, pricing, marketing and everything else that goes into a successful sale. 

Today’s market conditions are at record setting highs. Current Bay Area home values are very healthy as more and more people discover this rich and varied region. However, making the decision to sell is rarely simple.

Complimentary Virtual Consultations

Interested in getting started with your home search or simply want to find out more about my services? Feel free to book a complimentary1-hour consultation with me!

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